Wine Box Tray


Our finished product! (Color is darker in person)

While searching our local garage sales, I stumbled upon this wood wine box and had to have it! Chateau Ste. Michelle is a very popular local winery in Woodinville, WA. I had an idea to stain it lightly, add handles and turn it into a serving tray!

We used:
  • Wine box
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood stain
  • 2 handles
  • Wood glue
  • Sand paper
  • Wood clamps


Original condition

First we sanded the surfaces down to prep for wood stand. Then used wood glue and a wood clamp on any cracks to seal them up to prevent them from getting larger in the future.


A large crack we were able to fix!


Sanded the surface down to prep for staining

After waiting for the glue to dry overnight, we applied our cherry colored stain and let it dry for about 3-4 hours. We then stained the last side and let it dry for 3-4 hours.


After the stain dried, we attached the two handles.


With the handles attached, it is finished!


What item(s) have you repurposed? Let me know in the comments!


DIY Ottoman Tray.


Furnishing our first apartment is one of the things I have been looking forward to! We got an ottoman to use as a coffee table and we needed a tray for it! As I did research online, I found that large table trays are super expensive! We couldn’t find a tray that we both liked and was in our budget so we decided to make one ourselves!

We used:
  • Pressed wood
  • 2×4 wood board
  • 2 handles
  • 2 pieces of marble looking laminate
  • Wood Stain
  • Polyurethane Indoor Spray
  • Map
  • Sand paper
  • Table saw
  • Wood glue
  • Tension strap
  • Mod Podge
  • Glass top
Here’s how we did it:

First we used the table saw, and cut the 2×4 into 4 equal pieces for each side and cut a 45 degree angle to make the corners look like a picture frame’s corner. We sanded down all the edges so they would be smooth and remove any loose pieces from cutting.



Next we stained the frame with wood stain and left it to dry overnight.


We then stuck the 2 laminate pieces on one side of the frame to make it smooth against the ottoman. The next morning this is how they looked.


The next morning we sprayed the frame with a semi-gloss polyurethane spray to seal the color. We then used mod podge and stuck the map on the side without the marble pattern. After leaving them both to dry overnight.


We put the frame around the board and were happy with the results so far! We used wood glue to seal the sides of the frame and the base together as well as the corners of the frame. The tension strap kept pressure to ensure the glue stuck well and we left it to dry overnight.


To ensure that the frame and base were going to stay attached, we used 3- 2.5 in. screws on each side. Pilot holes were drilled in the spots and then screws were put in.


1 of 3 pilot holes on each side


Putting in the screw into the pilot hole


Left the screw out a little until all 12 were done


After screwing in all 12 screws, we then created markings for where we wanted the pilot holes for the handles.


Our very unconventional way of making the marks for the holes


Holes for the handle

Handle attachment:

We put in the glass and here is the finished product!!


Our total cost: $55 + tax + about 2.5 hours of labor

  • Pressed wood $0 (left over from our headboard project)
  • 2×4 wood board $3
  • 2 Martha Stewart Living handles from Home Depot $10
  • 2 pieces of marble looking laminate $10
  • Wood stain $7
  • Polyurethane indoor spray $7
  • Nails $3
  • Mod Podge $4
  • Glass top from Lowes $11
  • Power drill $0 (Parents had it)
  • 90’s Seattle area map $0 (Parents had it)
  • Sand paper $0 (Parents had it)
  • Wood glue $0 (Parents had it)
  • Tension strap $0 (Parents had it)
  • Table saw $0 (Parents had it)
How would you do your own ottoman tray? Let me know in the comments!


5 Things I wish I knew about apartment hunting + tips!


My husband and I are in the midst of moving out of my parent’s home and into our first apartment! We found the apartment after a few months of searching and my was it an experience! As first timers, we learned a lot about the process of renting. Since we are moving out of state, we had to look at listings online. We used sites like Craigslist, Zillow,, and many more in our search. Here are some things I wish we knew before searching for our first place and some tips of my own!

5 Things I wish I knew about apartment hunting before renting my first place
1) Application Fees

When looking for apartments, landlords generally will charge an application fee, which can vary from $10 to $100. These fees usually cover any background checks or credit checks. The fee applies to each person who is looking to move in. Generally, a fee is paid to each landlord either before the viewing or after if the tenant is interested in renting the property depending on each landlord’s preference. Sometimes, if approved, the landlord will take the application fees you paid and take it off from the first months rent.

2) Timely responses

Responding in a timely manner is key, and it works both ways. Landlords will sometimes take a few days to reply, which can be frustrating but it is their property and therefore their business. Their response time can be a reflection of how communication will be in the future with them. Tenants have an equal responsibility to reply relatively quickly. Landlords may have more than one interested party and if a potential renter doesn’t reply soon enough, they can loose the place. This happened to us, we lost the chance to rent a great place because we didn’t make the effort to reply quick enough.

3) Photos are everything

It is a toss up if there will be sufficient photos, if any at all in some listings. Don’t shy away from the listings without photos though! Ask for them, you never know what you will get! However, if the photos don’t look good, chances are the place isn’t good either. Use your best judgment when choosing an apartment; you have to live there after all. After you choose your apartment, take photos of everything! It will help with any planning and can also protect you down the road if there is existing damage.

4) The advertised, square footage isn’t always what it seems

Sometimes, the square footage that is listed online isn’t the reality. It can be smaller or larger. The layout can really maximize the square footage, or can make the place feel much smaller. Sometimes landlords don’t really know the actual size, just make an estimation from looking at it, and post that size. That is what happened to us! We were looking at a 900 sq. ft. apartment and the place we chose was much smaller, but was advertised at 900.

5) Read the lease

Reading the lease is one of the most important things to do before moving in! The lease should state how much rent is, when rent is due, how to pay rent, who is responsible for repairs in the apartment, pet policy, who is responsible for utilities, the policy on modifications and much more. I can’t stress it enough, it is so important to take your time to read the lease thoroughly and carefully. Once you sign, the terms are legally binding for both you and the landlord. If you don’t understand a something in the lease, ask for clarification. If you want to make a change to the lease, do so as soon as you can so that there is plenty of time for both you and the landlord to talk it over before move in day.

1) Tenant Rights

As a tenant, you have rights! If you ever need to access the Tenants’ Rights Handbook, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development website has it available online by each state. They are pretty lengthy but can be a good resource if you get in a sticky situation.

2) Check where your outlets are located

Outlets are essential in planning what you want your layout to be. If there is no outlet where you want your entertainment system or right by your bed to charge your phone, you have to run extension cords, which aren’t very cute. Even though you can’t change how many outlets or where they are located but its good to keep in mind as you’re looking at your future apartment!

3) Don’t put money down until you’ve seen the apartment

As much as pictures help and make the place look good, they could be deceiving. We have looked at a few apartments online that looked great online, but weren’t good in person. No matter how good the photos look, it is vital to see the space in person. Photos can’t tell you if the place smells of animal urine (yes, that happened to us!).

4) Read up on your landlord and talk to current tenants if you can

How close do they live? Do they seem like they’ll be stopping by often? Good landlords will check your credit score. It shows they care about who lives there and usually they will show the same care into the property. Landlords may not know the actual cost of utilities or other details about actually living in the space. If you can, talk to current tenants. They will(hopefully) be honest and upfront with you, they have nothing to lose.

5) Make sure your furniture will fit

There is nothing worse than having the perfect piece for your home, bringing it there, and finding that it won’t fit…  Since this was our first place, we didn’t have much furniture. So when we found our place, we measured every room and made a layout on the computer. We measured the furniture we had and put it in our layout. It made planning the furniture very easy!

6) Rental Management Company vs. Individual Landlord

We found there are two ways rental properties are managed, one is by a company and another is by an individual landlord. There are pros and cons to both. There is a benefit to companies that manage multiple properties, they should only charge application fees once to view multiple units. However maintenance can be slow with a company who is managing many properties. Individual landlord whom lives nearby could provide more personal and faster service. A property management company may stick to the rules and procedures more and be less emotionally invested than an individual landlord. However, they are usually better at businesslike compromises. An individual landlord may be more flexible to your needs and interests.

Any tips or experiences you want to share? Leave a comment below!


Which Hairbrush Should I Use?

I have been stuck using the same brush for a few years now and have been unhappy with my blowout results for a while. I decided to research some alternative brush options for the application I was looking for, as well as other brushes and what their benefits are. There are an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to buying a hairbrush and it is best to get one (or two) that suit your needs best!



Paddle brushes make your hair cuticles lie flat, making this is great for smoothing and detangling hair. It can also help boost shine and sleekness. Typically, paddle brushes are wide and rectangular in shape, and made of plastic. Most often, they are sitting on an air cushion allowing the brush to contour with the shape of the head when brushing.

Boar Bristle


There are many that claim that boar bristle has some unique benefits such as promoting hair growth, conditioning hair, cleans hair, prevents hair breakage and frizz. I used one of these brushes for years and there are some benefits that I found to be true, and some that are not. From my experience, I found that this brush is great for adding volume, smooth brushing and removes some excess oil. However, these get dirty easily and need to be cleaned regularly. It can be difficult for people with curly hair to use this brush, however some have found success.

To be clear, this brush is what got me onto looking into different brushes. I did not stop using a boar bristle bush, just less frequently and for less applications such as blowdrying.



Vented brushes are a great brush for blowouts. These brushes are literally vented, or have spaces between the bristles for high air flow to allow hair to dry quickly. They are usually made of nylon or plastic and the vent styles can vary. I use this brush to give a great flat and smooth blowout.




A round brush has bristles all around the barrel of the brush. These brushes are great if you have a lot of hair or are trying to curl your hair with a blowdryer. The bigger the diameter of the bush, the larger curl you are going to get. The holes in the barrel allow the heat from the blowdryer to circulate and creates more volume. This brush is not just for curling, it can be used to smooth out the hair as well.

Metal or Wire


Metal brushes are recommended for wigs and other synthetic hair. Unless you have those, it is better to choose another type of brush. They are not very flexible and will do more damage on natural hair.



A teasing comb is a designed to tease or backcomb hair to get high volume and lift on most hair types. It is used as a styling brush only and not for regular brushing.

Rat Tail


This brush is also primarily used for styling. It is used for parting hair, lighter backcombing/teasing, as well as for post-styling (i.e. after hairspray, smooth fly-away hairs, etc).

Tangle Ease


Tangle ease brushes are becoming wildly popular. These brushes are the quickest route to gently getting knots out of curly, coarse or thick hair.

Please note I am not a cosmetologist or beauty expert and the information here has been found online and through personal experience. 


Disclaimer: None of these images are my own.

March Beauty Products.


1) Ulta Demi Matte Foundation

I love this foundation! It is new my go-to daily foundation. I don’t like to use my more high-end makeup regularly so I am usually on the lookout for a good less expensive alternative to use daily. This has great coverage and combined with concealer and pressed or loose powder gives me the perfect everyday base look! Another great thing is they have SO many color options! I have rarely seen this many options that also cater to the skin undertones. This product can be purchased at Ulta.

2) Ulta Fabulous Face Pressed Powder

This is a pretty good pressed powder. Product lifts to the brush easily and in small amounts, provides decent coverage and removes shine. I prefer loose powder to pressed but wanted to try this in conjunction with the Ulta foundation. I will be sticking to loose powder in the future simply based on preference. This product can be purchased at Ulta.

3) e.l.f. Contouring Brush

I had my doubts about this e.l.f. Contouring Brush and they blew me away. It picks up pressed powder so well and provides great results. I would highly recommend this brush for those on a tighter budget! This product can be purchased at Target.

4) CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM

This lotion is a good middle of the road moisturizer. I have found decent results with it thus far. It is a little more on watery side but is lightweight,  has very little scent. not greasy. It should be great for those with sensitive skin as well! This product can be purchased at Ulta, Amazon, and other retailers.

5) Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil

I love combining this oil with a thicker moisturizer  (Hope In A Jar by Philosophy is my favorite!) This oil has given me great results. It has a nice smell and makes my skin feel so smooth and moisturized. The only downside is the price. I have been using a sample not as regularly as I would like, but I intend to purchase this when I have run out. This product can be purchased at The Body Shop and Ulta.

DIY Nailhead Headboard.

My husband and I did our first big DIY project together. We made a nailhead headboard for our bed! We were stuck with a headboard that we found uncomfortable to lean back on and I needed a change.


This was our inspiration. A headboard that is neutral & simple yet functional and a little stylish.

We needed:
  • 2-2.5 yards of fabric
  • 2-2.5 yards of batting
  • 2 packages of nailhead (by Dritz home)
  • Wood (for base and legs)
  • Hammer
  • Power drill and bits
  • Yard stick
  • Pliers (to pull our crooked nailhead)
  • Staple gun & staples
How we made it:

First we measured our bed to see how long and how tall we wanted it to be and decided on 60 x 34 for our queen size bed.

We went to our local fabric store and found the fabric we wanted for 50% off, batting for 30% off, and nailhead for 15% off! (Yay coupons and sales!!)

We visited our local Home Depot and purchased wood for the legs and base. We used a standard 2×4 for the legs that was cut in half for two legs and purchased a 1/2 in. thick fiberboard that was cut to our chosen size.


We laid our batting down and stapled it to our board using cardboard pieces to keep the staple from tearing the batting when we lean on the headboard.




We stapled down our corners, cut them down and stapled them again to reinforce the edges to ensure they did not come apart.



We then laid our fabric choice down and stapled it to the back with longer staples and cardboard to give it a strong hold.

thumb_IMG_4031_1024Here is the finished fabric covering!


With our nailhead we had an unknown length between the edge and the line but we did it on the top side as well as the left and right sides. Since the bottom was going to be against the mattress, we did not put nailhead on there. The nailhead we purchased came in a continuous link with holes to secure with tack like nails. The difference between the chain of nails and the individual nails are a bit obvious up close but from afar they are hardly noticeable.

After the first row, we separated the second by about 2.5 inches and went around the three sides like the first row.


We measured how high we wanted the headboard to be from the ground and measured the legs to be that length and began attaching them. The pencil line on the 2×4 is how far we wanted it to be from the ground and drilled 3 pilot holes on each board for the 3 screws that would hold the legs onto the base and drilled in the nails with a power drill.


Here is one of the legs screwed tightly on.


*drum roll* ta da! The finished product!!


It cost us $120 for all our supplies and about 3 hours of labor!                                                (Some of the supplies were free since my awesome parents had them at home for us to use!!)


A Local’s Top 10 Seattle Spots.

Seattle sits on Puget Sound in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It is surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests, and has many parks. Seattle is called the “Emerald City” for its year-round greenery. There is even a forest in the middle of the city in Discovery Park. Growing up here, I have always loved and appreciated all the nature that is surrounding us here in Seattle, but people primarily come here to see the city. A friend asked me to share my favorite spots in Seattle since I live here. From a local’s perspective, here is a photo set that features my favorite tourist spots that my friends and I visit.

1. Space Needle


2. Pike Place Market / Gum Wall


3. Fremont Troll


4. Gas Works Park


5. EMP


6. Seattle Great Wheel


7. Kerry Park


8. Washington Park Arboretum


9. Starbucks (First Location)


10. Columbia Tower Observation Deck



February Beauty Products.

1) Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream by Body Merry

THIS ACTUALLY WORKS! I have a scar on my right hand from touching the oven by mistake a few months ago and I haven’t been applying it as regularly as I should, but when I do, I really see the difference! I haven’t seen much progress on stretch marks that I have from my growing teen years because I have been horrible at putting it on those spots. The cream contains so many natural oils and ingredients like Organic Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamins E + C + B3 + B5, Sunflower Seed Oil, Plant Stem Cells, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Algae Extract and Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract. I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a good scar removal cream! This product was purchased from

2) NIVEA Skin Firming & Smoothing Concentrated Serum

As many people do, I have my least favorite place on my body, my thighs. Since I was in my early to mid-teen years, I have always felt body conscious about them. Part of that reason is the cellulite I have had on them. I am trying this serum in part with exercise and have seen small progress so far. I am holding judgement on this product until I am regularly exercising and applying the serum on a consistent basis. This product was purchased from

3) Ion Curved Square Vent Brush

I have been using the same boar bristle & synthetic bristle brush for a few years and had never been able to achieve a blowout that would keep me from having to use the flat iron a lot. With this brush, my dreams have come ver close to coming true. With my thick and long layered hair, I have been able to get my hair to dry faster, and achieve a more straight styled blowout and have needed to use my flat iron only to flatten fly-aways and smooth out overall. The damage from the hot tools on my hair is much less than before and the drying time is less.  I got this brush from Sally’s Beauty Supply, but brushes very similar to this can be found

4) Sebastian Shaper Original Shaper

This hairspray is a great alternative to the hairspray I usually use (Kenra). It has good hold, it is lightweight, it doesn’t make hair feel greasy or crunchy and it doesn’t have a bad odor.I know it is great for applying and then brushing out, that is how I use it! I was happy with the amount of hold I got but I would be interested to try the stronger formula when I finish this bottle. I purchased the sample size and is available at Ulta, Sally’s Beauty Supply, and many other retailers.

5) Lady Like by Essie

Essie is one of my favorite polish brands. The color is always so pretty and is a really good quality. I purchased Lady Like (or Ladylike) when in the airport in San Francisco headed to Orange County. I love nudes, especially ones with hints of pink or purple and this has become one of my favorite shades ever. The best way to describe the color is a pink-toned neutral lilac. This color and many other Essie colors are available at Target, CVS, Ulta, and many other retailers.

Feeling Fresh with the Flu.

I Love Netflix

Being sick with the flu, as well as stuck in bed for 3 days, sucks. I seem to be getting sick more than usual this winter.. To keep myself from feeling gross and groggy, here is what I do!

1. Take a shower-Taking a hot shower is one of my favorite ways to relax. Especially when I am sick, it is a great way to relieve some symptoms temporarily! It helps relieve muscle soreness, and when there is enough steam, it will (temporarily) release any congestion. The steam also helps open the pores of your skin, which is why I bring my facial cleanser with me and wash my face in the shower.

2. Manicure and pedicure– I hardly ever spend the money on getting a professional manicure or pedicure. I save it for special occasions, but this isn’t one of them. Painting my nails makes me feel feminine, well taken care of, and put together. I chose to do Manicurist of Seville by OPI on all my nails. It is a classic red color with a hint of wine.

3. Face Mask– Since I have given my skin a makeup break these few days, I wanted to give my skin a treatment! There are so many different types of face masks and one of my favorites is the Mint Julep Masque by Queen Helene. It absorbs excess oil, helps minimize appearance of pores, and leaves my face feeling so fresh! I put some moisturizer on after removing my mask and my skin feels so refreshed and clean!

4. Clean the room you spend your time in– There is nothing that can stress me out as easily as seeing my room messy! Since I choose to stay in my room and binge watch Netflix all day, I like the space I am in to be clean. It also makes me feel productive during a day that would otherwise not be and makes me seem less lazy to my family members.😉

5. Drink lots of water– The doctor always says to rest and drink lots of fluids when recovering from an illness, and he/she is so right. There are so many benefits to drinking lots of water aside from staying hydrated. Water can help energize muscles, help keep skin looking good, help with kidney function, and much more! One of my ways to make sure I am drinking plenty of water is to try to finish a 1 liter water bottle every day.

6. Light a fresh candle– I love candles!! If my clear sinuses allow it, the scent can be so calming. One of my favorites is the French Cade & Lavender by Voluspa. Pretty much anything by Voluspa is golden.

I hope that you are all staying happy and healthy this winter and I personally can’t wait for Spring to come!



Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.49.33 PM

ClassPass is a subscription membership that allows you you can take a variety of classes in the available areas and visit the same studio up to 3x a month, depending on your plan. This makes it ideal to find and try out a wide range of gyms and studios.  It is super easy to find what works for you and your schedule. It costs between $79 to $125 per month, depending on your city, but with options like yoga, cycling, barre, pilates, strength training, dance, martial arts, boxing, rowing, gym time, and even personal trainer time, it can totally be worth the chunk of change!

The last 2 weeks I have been using the trial of ClassPass for $19 (which is a steal!). I have visited many places on the eastside near Seattle.

Skip to the bottom to pass all the locations I visited and read my review of ClassPass itself.

Day 1: Barre3 (Issaquah Highlands)

I went to this studio for 2 months right before I got married in August 2015 and had a wonderful experience. The staff there are so nice, the facility and equipment is kept clean and well maintained. So when I saw that they were on the ClassPass, it was a no brainer I was going to be going there my maximum of 3 times!

Confession: I have not had a proper workout since early August so this ended up taking much larger toll on my body than I had imagined. I got through about 20 minutes of the 60 minute class and felt hot and dizzy. I sat down at my part of the bar, drank water and caught my breath. I got up and a few minutes later the feeling returned but worse. I decided to get out of the classroom and called my husband, who was luckily at a coffee shop around the corner, to come quickly. As I was walking over to the bathroom to splash some water on my face, I got sick and saw the all the water I drank in a short period of time on the floor in front of me. The girl that was at the front desk was very gracious and kind when I told her what happened and gave me the mop and Clorox I asked for. I was starting to clean when my loving husband came and assured me that I shouldn’t be embarrassed and that this happens to a lot of people. I finished cleaning and we drove home.

I returned for another 2 sessions later in the trial period.

Day 2: Serious About Fitness (Redmond)


Serious About Fitness is a cross between a regular gym and a crossfit gym. I walked in not quite knowing what to expect other than that I wasn’t going to be in a traditional class setting. As I entered, Chris, one of the trainers, approached me, we got liability paperwork done and it was time to start! We spent 1 hour together (as he bounced between his other clients) doing a treadmill and stairmaster warm up and proceeded to ab, agility, and strength training workouts. He was great at offering alternative workouts when I was having trouble and was very kind about lowering weights when they were too heavy with no judgement. He was also very encouraging to me and his other clients. After the hour session, my body felt so sore and shaky, it was great. I walked out knowing I was definitely returning!

I return one more time later on during the trial.

Day 3: Nia at DanceWorks Studio (Redmond)


Nia cardio-dance workouts is described as a combination moves from dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts. I would describe this class as a very toned down zumba class for the more mature audience. I am not sure if Nia as a whole focuses on “connecting with the earth” and other such “nature connectedness”, but the instructor put out candles and energy rocks in the front of the classroom. Honestly, I didn’t really like that much but I decided to participate fully since I was there and had committed to this class. It was an hour of simple and easy to follow set of dance routines with some simple yoga at the end. It was a good way to get moving when you have sore muscles (which I was VERY sore from the awesome workout from the day before). I won’t be returning myself but at least I know about this and can keep it in mind to recommend t0 someone else this would fit!

Day 4: Sattva Yoga (Redmond)

sattva-yoga-redmond-waThe Yoga Basics class was very fun and relaxing! This class is perfect for those who have never taken a yoga class (like me) or those who are wanting to refine their skills. All participants had to bring was a yoga mat and some water. The instructor was very good with breaking down the moves for those who needed it and was attentive to people who needed adjustments for physical pain. The class was so relaxing, tranquil, and easy going that when it was over, it felt like waking up from a nap at the end! I returned for another 2 classes during the trial.

Day 5: Fit 1 Fitness (Redmond)


This barre class was very different from all the other barre classes I have attended in the past. The instructor focused on more traditional ballet exercises. She kept the workout intense and adjusted the class to fit my needs (since I was the only student). I felt energized for the rest of the day after the 1 hour class. Side note: The class was not held at a traditional gym, but at a gym of an apartment complex.

Days 6 & 7: I couldn’t attend any classes because of my schedule.😦

Day 8: Bassline Fitness (Kirkland)


This high energy, dark, with colored lights and loud trendy music is the perfect place to do cycling. I joined their MashUp class which gives you the options to cycle, run on motorless treadmills, krank, or row in a group class. I loved how intense the class was, but you can set your own intensity and choose what exercise you wanted to do. Upon entering for the first time, the instructor helped me adjust my bike to fit my height and explained the options that were available to use. The combination of using the bike and krank was awesome. It gives you a workout in both your arms or legs, while giving the other a rest. If I ever move to the Kirkland area, I would definitely consider a membership.

Day 9: Barre3 (Issaquah Highlands)

I signed up for a 9:00am class, which isn’t too early, but I was very unmotivated to attend the night before. I am glad I did! It was an easier day with lots of toning and Annika was a great instructor! My favorite thing about Barre3 is that they always encourage you to “make it your own”. By that they mean,  No getting dizzy and passing out this time.🙂

Day 10: David Barton Gym (Bellevue) and Sattva Yoga (Redmond)


My experience at David Barton Gym can be described in one word: awkward. The decor is quite odd for a gym and there is a large seating area with 3 couches in the middle of the gym separating cardio equipment from the other equipment. The people there were the type who were obviously very fit and active, which intimidated me and made me feel super uncomfortable. I spent most of my 1 hour on the cardio equipment, away from the weight training I would have actually liked to use because of the men that were in that area.

At Sattva Yoga, I took a vinyasa class. I got there almost 10 minutes late because of traffic, which kills me because I really do not like being late. I don’t know if she was the owner, but upon clearly running from my car to get there and apologizing for being late, I received a very mean glare and attitude from a lady. She  rudely told me”You know you’re 10 minutes late right?”, I responded politely saying that I know I was caught in traffic and that I was sorry (again). She checked me in and sent me in the classroom and told me to sneak in quietly. I went in and of course, the class was facing the door instead of the back like my first class was so everyone saw me walk in late. After only one beginner class, I regretted taking vinyasa. It was difficult and I needed more foundation training before jumping to this level. I was able to be follow it and keep up 75-80% of the time but the other 20-25% was a struggle. I learned that I need a proper sturdy yoga mat to fit my body’s needs next time I want to take a series of yoga classes.

Day 11: Serious About Fitness (Redmond) and Sattva Yoga (Redmond)

I had a great time at Serious About Fitness again! Chris was my trainer again and kicked my butt (in the best way) by challenging me to do ropes and bar squats for the first time. We moved on to ab workout, which killed since my abs aren’t strong. We ended with 10 minute elliptical that burned over 100 calories. I was so sweaty and ready for some yoga to unwind and relax!

At Sattva Yoga I returned to the same yoga basics class I took a week ago. It had 2 great meditation times, at the beginning of class and at the end, which I used to focus on praising God and singing worship songs in my head. I

Day 12: Fitness and Faith NW (Redmond/Woodinville)


This yoga class was great! Playing worship music instead of listening to meaning less music saying who knows what in one of the many Indian languages. I was surprised at how much of a workout they gave us! Constant downward dogs and so many planks… We had time to pray and read scripture and pray again during the time. The people there were very friendly and welcoming. They also encouraged us to talk to one another and that it doesn’t need to remain silent like most other yoga classes ask you to be. The price for each 1 hr. 15 min. session is great at only $7. I would return here when I am in the mood to return to a yoga class than other places purely on the fact that they are faith focused.

Day 13: Barre3 (Issaquah Highlands)

I canceled this class since I was feeling very sore throughout the day before and the evening before. I had gotten through the initial sore period when I first began and was not expecting it to return with a vengeance on my thighs..  I wish I wasn’t in pain and could have gone to this class.😦

Day 14: Off on vacation to California!😀


I had an overall good experience with ClassPass. It was great to try yoga, cycling and having personal training all for the low trial rate! Their website is easy to navigate and classes are easy to book. There are a few downsides to Classpass. First, the booking segment will not allow you to reserve a spot more than a few days in advance. Another is the site only can reserve 4 classes at a time. The combination was a pretty large disappointment since I like to plan my schedule as soon as possible. Lastly, the 12 hour cancellation policy is a bit ridiculous. With life being so busy and unpredictable, I don’t see how people can be expected to know what is going to happen and be accountable for having to cancel 12 hours in advance. The charge for canceling less than 12 hours in advance is $15 and a no show costs $20.

Despite the scheduling limitations and possible fees, I did save a ton of money on classes during the 14 days! The classes/training sessions drop in rate/ regular price would have been $262! (Since the trial costs $19, this means I only paid 7.25% of the full price!!)

If you decide to try ClassPass keep in mind that at the end of your trial, they will automatically charge your card the full price dues for the following month unless you cancel 2 days before the trial is over. Happy exercising!